Driver crashes into three other cars after attempting to flee from police

SOUTH KINGSTOWN (R.I) – A driver crashed into three cars in an attempt to flee from police in South Kingstown on Wednesday.

According to the department, an officer attempted to stop 37-year-old, Myron Christian who was traveling at a high rate of speed on Tower Hill Road.

Christian accelerated after seeing the officer attempting to stop him.

Police say the officer was not actively pursuing Christian,  when he continued on Tower Hill, running red lights, and traveling in the breakdown lane to avoid traffic.

Christian lost control of his vehicle while approaching the intersection of Tower Hill and Mooresfield, rolling over an occupied vehicle that was stopped at a red light on Bridgetown Road.

Christian continued rolling and stopped on two unoccupied vehicles.

After Christian exited the vehicle, he attempted to flee on foot.

Police apprehended Christian and found suspected crack cocaine in his vehicle, along with $517.

Christian was charged with; DUI, eluding, reckless driving, resisting arrest, and numerous traffic offenses.

Police say drug charges will be pending to be determined after the Department of Health testing.

Christian is from Norwich. Connecticut.

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