Driver trying to avoid squirrel crashes into 1650 home

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HINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — A driver who swerved to avoid a squirrel in the road crashed into a Massachusetts home that was built in 1650 by an ancestor of Abraham Lincoln, police said Thursday.

Neither the driver nor the occupants of the Hingham home known as the Samuel Lincoln House were injured in the crash that occurred at about 6:30 a.m., police said on Facebook.

The SUV was headed east when the 19-year-old driver swerved and drove off the right side of the road, over the sidewalk, and into the living room, police said. Approximately half of the vehicle entered the home.

According to broadcast reports, the homeowners were asleep at the time.

The driver was sitting on the sidewalk when police arrived. She was issued a citation for failing to stay in marked lanes.

The car was pulled from the home, and construction crews were on the scene later in the day.

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