Drivers face dangerous roadways during Monday snow storm

By Kirsten Glavin



Drivers struggled to navigate the sloppy roads Monday, as the snow continued to fall throughout the day.

"The roads are really slippery!” said Yamilex Filpo, a college student pumping gas with her mother. "It’s scary! It’s a scary feeling when you feel yourself slipping and feel like you have no control over the car."

Even seasoned New Englanders found themselves caught in the mess.  Some barely avoided accidents.

"Getting off of one of the off ramps, I almost slid into a truck that was in front of me because the roads were horribly plowed getting off of the highway,” explained Michaela Boadih of Woonsocket.

Others were not so lucky.  There were about 80 accidents in the state of Rhode Island, and dozens in Southeastern Mass and Cape Cod.

"On 295 there was a couple of cars off the side of the road, with the tow truck there,” one man told ABC6 News.

And right outside of the ABC6 News station, a Coca Cola truck got stuck driving up a hill.  Other vehicles in the area had issues making turns at traffic lights where snow piled up at the corners of the intersections.  

State Police advocated Monday afternoon that driving in the snow is dangerous, and warned drivers that if they choose not to clean the snow off their cars before hitting the road, they could be slapped with a fine.

"Motorists need to understand that they need to clean off their vehicle, they need to use caution, and they have to obey the roadway,” said Captain Timothy Sanzi of the Rhode Island State Police Department.