Drugs Stolen From Evidence Closet at Attleboro Police Department

                 The hunt is on for a dirty cop, somebody has stolen drugs from inside the evidence closet at the Attleboro Police Department. Investigators say it was likely an inside job. The drugs turned up missing during a routine audit back in August, and ever since, the department's top brass has been trying to weed out the bad seed responsible for the stolen drugs. Whoever did it could still be working inside the police department building.

                  Chief Kyle Heagney was just sworn in in October, after serving as interim chief for nearly a year. Among his new duties, an investigation he calls disgusting. Finding the person in uniform responsible for taking drugs from their evidence closet.

                  “We have a dirty cop and were going to find him. The evidence room is the inner sanctum of this police department and to have that violated is just absolutely disgusting,” said Heagney.

                    During the audit in August, officials found cocaine and other illegal drugs missing from the closet. Chief Heagney says the investigation has been kept quiet for months, so the culprit wouldn't know anyone was on their trail.

                   “I simply will not tolerate police corruption, and I will weed and I will seed this police department there will be no unethical behavior tolerated,” said Heagney.

                     Chief Heagney hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of the case and figure out whether any other evidence was tampered with. Only certain officers had access to this room, you need a key to get in.

                    Chief Heagney said, “I'd absolutely love to catch this person.”

                     But he says they've run into some problems along the way, not everyone is fully cooperating, and he says state law is getting in the way.

                     “Until the union agrees to drug testing no Massachusetts police department can test police officers for drug use.”

                      Our attempts to reach police union president Kevin Fuoco for comment were unsuccessful, the union's attorney sent us a statement on their behalf.

                      “The Attleboro Police Association does not condone theft, or any type of illegal activity, among it's members. The Association fully supports a fair investigation of this alleged theft, and we are cooperating fully with the investigation, while ensuring the constitutional and collective bargaining rights of our members.”

                        Since the discovery of the stolen drugs the locks have been changed and only one officer has access to the room.