Dry and breezy today



April is when we typically see more rain. So far this month we have only had 5 days of measurable rain totaling in 0.65 which means we are -1.85 below average. Next shot of rain isn’t until the end of the weekend.

April Showers S

We had a cold front move through last night and that left us with dry and breezy conditions for today and tomorrow. We start off today sunny, but the clouds creep in after lunch time. The wind will be gusty too, 20 to 30mph moving into the afternoon.

Future Wind Gusts

Other than the gusty winds today and tomorrow, expect a quiet week with a warm up later in the week where inland areas will see 70’s while coastal areas will be slightly cooler.

Weather Snapshot



Boston Red Sox take on the Minnesota Twins in a 3-game series starting today.

Tuesday 7:10pm, Breezy, 52.

Wednesday 7:10pm. Breezy 50.

Thursday: 1:35pm. Much better! 66.

3 Day Mlb Outlook Am




TODAY: Increasing clouds. Breezy WSW 10-20mph. High 58

TONIGHT:  Low 41.

TOMORROW: Partly cloudy. Breezy winds WNW 10-15 mph. High 57.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny/partly cloudy. Winds S 10mph. High 67.

FRIDAY: Mostly cloud. Winds S 5mph. High 73.

SATURDAY:  Mostly cloudy. Winds E 10-15mph. High 72.

SUNDAY: High 63. Winds S 15-20. Scattered rain showers 40% .

MONDAY:  High 58. Scattered rain showers 40%

TUESDAY: High 57. Rain tapers off.

Meteorologist Skylar Spinler


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