Dry start to the week, unsettled Tuesday

Overnight showers moved out very early Sunday morning, leaving behind beautiful blue skies and pleasant conditions.  Here’s a look through our Skycam at 6pm Sunday:


The sunshine came with pleasantly warm temperatures and low humidity levels.  Just about everybody in the region saw highs in the 70s on Sunday.

Highs Sunday

In a sign of the season, Saturday was the last time we’ll see 12 hours of daylight until March of 2022.  We’re losing just under 3 minutes of daylight per day right now.

Sunrise Sunset

Sunday night, skies remain clear along with crisp, dry conditions and cool temperatures.

Sunday Night

Monday, look for a mix of sun and clouds along with warm temperatures and breezy conditions.


It’s surprising that we’re still able to talk about beach weather just a few days away from October, but here we are.  Wave heights and sunburn risk are really the only concerns for Monday (other than what you’ll tell your boss if you were at the beach instead of at work).

Beach Monday

A cold front on Tuesday brings scattered showers into the mix.  After that, it’ll really feel like fall with highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s and 50s.  A system passes close to us on Thursday, bringing a few more clouds, but I think we should remain mostly rain-free.

7 Day

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