Dueling protests outside West Warwick pet shop

By: Samantha Fenlon


WEST WARWICK, R.I. – Dueling protestors outside of West Warwick’s pet shop The Perfect Puppy this Black Friday.

One group fighting against the local store, the other standing out in support.

The group against the shop was protesting as part of a national effort to educate holiday shoppers about what they call the "cruel and inhumane" puppy mill trade.

"We’re doing the protest in front of the Perfect Puppy because when I started the Boycott the Perfect Puppy page 70 customers about messages me about purchasing sick puppies or purchasing a puppy that passed away," said Brienna Oulette.

The pet store… fighting back, loudly chanting right next to the anti-puppy mill protestors.

"We are not going to be bullied by these people. They keep spreading lies and rumors saying we sell sick dogs. That’s not the case. All of our dogs are warranteed, 2 years health warrantee. We stand by them," said Carlos Munoz, the General Manager of The Perfect Puppy.

When it comes to this protest, Munoz has a message he wants to get out there.

"You should be able to make your own mind up. If you want to rescue a dog great, if you want to buy a dog great. Just as long as you give a dog a good home that’s all we worry about," said Munoz.

The anti-puppy mill crowd also trying to get their point across encouraging people to adopt, but saying if you are set on buying…. you should do your research.

"Go to a reputable breeder which means you see the parents you look at the facilities. You know the genetics of the breed. Like know what you’re doing if you’re going to go to a reputable breed,’ said Oulette.

There are two locations Perfect Puppy shops in Rhode Island. A third was shut down in East Providence last year by an appeals court because of a city ordinance banning the sale of dogs or cats in pet stores.

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