Dumpster Fire Causes 3-Buildings to Burn

A fire in a dumpster, pushed up against a triple-decker in New Bedford, has forced at least 20-people out of their homes, indefinitely.

The dumpster fire at 23-Beetle Street quickly spread from the triple decker, to 2-nearby buildings, making extra work for the 45-firefighters that were trying to put the blaze out.

Witnesses told ABC6 News that the fire spread quickly.

And many people who were inside the building, when the fire broke out, feel lucky to have gotten out alive.

“Everything that we have is gone, we have our lives, but where do you start over again? It's really tough.” said apartment resident Cindy Bryant.

Bryant was on the second floor when the fire got going, and she said the flames picked up fast.

“All of a sudden the wind blew just a certain way and the smoke came in my face and I just knew the house was on fire.” said Bryant.

Luckily Cindy was able to quickly grab her grandson  Kyle, run down the front stairs, and get out through the front door.

But her son Richard though, had a much tougher time, getting out.

“The fire was already in the hallway and there was smoke in the hallway. I had to kinda go out a window and come back down and then go back down the stairs.” said Richard Bryant.

Thankfully Richard and everyone else in his triple decker and the other 2-buildings affected by the fire were able to make it out safe.

But most of the people on the scene, still seemed devastated, by what they had lost.

“I've got nothing, absolutely nothing, they won't let me in there to get clothes, medicine, nothing” said Lynne Medeiros.

Fire officials in New Bedford aren't sure yet what started the dumpster fire, although many neighbors believe that it was started by a lit cigarette, that was thrown into the dumpster.