Duplicate Road Names Cause Confusion in North Providence

by ABC6 News Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis


There are lots of streets in busy North Providence, including some with duplicate names.
For example there is an Adams street in the Centerdale neighborhood, and a couple of miles away, another Adams Street off of Mineral Spring Avenue. Neighbors say it is confusing, and at times, scary.

“I had total hip replacement about a year and a half ago, and the visiting nurses kept going to the wrong address which is the old 78 Adams Street down in Centerdale,” said Chris Woodie who lives on the Adams Street off of Mineral Spring.

There are also two Lee Avenues; two Cedar Streets; and two Hill Streets. The problem may date back to when the area consisted of independent villages. It's been a nightmare for delivery drivers. Norman Paiva has redirected dozens in the 50 years he's lived off of Hill Street.

“So I come out and tell them you know, there are two Hill Streets over here. The best thing to do is go up to the Police Station and they'll tell you just where the other Hill Street is,” said Norman Paiva, who lives off of Hill Road in the Centerdale neighborhood.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “Here at North Providence Town Hall, the Council is trying to figure out a solution to this very confusing problem, but it's possible some of these street names will have to be changed.”

Some residents worry fire trucks could respond to the wrong home. Or that they'll have to pay to have the streets signs changed.

“We'll the Town said they were going to pay for it, that's what we've heard.”
Q: You hope they are true to their word?
“Well it was in one of the town papers this week,” said Louise Molis, who lives on Adams Street in Centerdale.

The change might be subtle; one of the Hill Streets might become Hill Road; or Adams Street to Adams Avenue, and so on. As of now the Town of Providence has no firm estimate on how much all of the street sign changes might cost.