Durfee cheerleader fighting rare form of cancer

By News Staff

Reporting by Ana Bottary


A Durfee High School cheerleader, diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, is keeping her spirits high. Despite learning it has spread, her family has found treatment that may just save her life.

17-year-old Nelly Camara watches as her team, Durfee High, takes the field. Friday night’s home game is the first she’s been able to make it to this season, that’s because Nelly has been fighting Ewings Sarcoma, a rare for of cancer, for almost two years.

"I’m excited to be here with my cheerleaders again. It means a lot to me," she says.

Nelly’s friend say she has not let cancer defeat her spirit, "She stays positive all the time. She’s just a motivational person. She inspires me everyday and I love her."

Being in familiar territory is a much-needed change of pace. Most of Nelly’s time is spent in a hospital these days. Her family has tried everything to get her better, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and now, alternative treatments.

"Oils is what we are giving her now. That’s why she is here and doing good and awake and not in the hospital on pain medication," says Nelly’s mother, Laura.

Despite doctor’s best efforts, the cancer has spread to Nelly’s brain, but her family on and off the field are refusing to give up hope.

"You know, I worry about bills still at home, but that to me is nothing. My care, my concern today is–what Nelly begs me for–is to save her life," says Laura.

Nelly is prepared to head to Texas for a new clinical trial. The expenses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars–well beyond the family’s means.

If you are interested in helping Nelly and her family, visit their GoFundMe page, here, and their Facebook page, here.

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