Durfee student gets ‘Golden Ticket’ to Hollywood on American Idol

By Alana Cerrone


ASSONET, Mass. (WLNE) – It’s been a busy winter for Colton McGrath, between local performances and the release of a brand new single – and of course getting an American Idol golden ticket to Hollywood.

Like most things in life, the Durfee High School senior keeps a positive attitude about his journey

"It’s whatever it turns out to be. So far it’s been a learning experience and an amazing opportunity…and I’ve put my message out there to the world. I’ve really shown America what I can do."

His message is two-fold: magical things happen when you follow your dreams, but also, when you stay true to yourself.

"As most people know I’m a female to male transgender."

In fact, Idol is McGrath’s first musical venture since coming out 7 months ago.

He finds his success on the show so far to be no coincidence. "It says something that I’ve tried out for all these different reality shows as a female and literally months after I transition it’s just like ‘oh, well that worked!’"

He’s hoping that putting the story of his transition out there might give others a confidence boost to do the same. "I was hoping to impact other people’s lives with my story and my music."

At the very least, Idol has given him the chance to make an impact on the national stage.

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