Dying, neglected dog abandoned in Fall River finds forever home with Attleboro couple

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) – A 3-year-old Italian Mastiff who was dumped on a Fall River beach back in August has found his forever home.

The dog was rescued from the rocks at Dave’s Beach in Fall River at the end of August and was being cared for by the staff at Forever Paws Animal Shelter. A worker named him “Pacha” and they soon discovered he didn’t have much longer to live.

Pacha was found with several injuries due to severe neglect and congestive heart failure.

“Everybody here has been very very attached to him but the underlying thing is we are ecstatic for him that he’s going to get this chance,” said shelter director Arianna Silva.

Silva said, since news spread of his condition, the shelter has received an outpouring of support from the community. She said people have dropped off toys, meals, and have donated money totaling over $6,000 towards Pacha’s medical expenses.

They also received hundreds of applications from all over the country. Silva spent the last several weeks pouring over those applications for a permanent foster family and narrowed it down to five last week. One family, she said, stuck out the most.

“There was a connection with Pacha and them and they had extensive experience in the hospice care, medical care with their previous animals,” Silva said about the Allens of Attleboro.

The Allen family has two cats, but the couple doesn’t have any children, which means plenty of attention for Pacha, who now goes by the name Giovanni Cannoli.

“I told her, I said, I’d won the lottery! It sounds silly but I was totally shocked and I’m so excited because I already love him, I mean, any home he would’ve gone to I would’ve been happy but of course, we’re happy we’re able to bring him into ours.”

The couple applied after hearing Pacha’s story from a friend.

“His story touched our heart and, you know, we love animals and we lost our last dog last December that we had so it was time to help and care for another animal.”

The Mastiff now has an Instagram account where his fans can follow his progress. Silva said he’s improving every day.

“He hands Nolan his leash when he wants to go out, he follows everybody around, he’s acting like a puppy which is nice,” said Silva.

But his congestive heart failure means he’ll live a shorter life. The Allens said the inevitable heartbreak is worth it to give him a good life.

“Better to have loved and lost and not loved at all. I’d rather him have the best life that he can, even if it’s three months, three years, 13 years, you know… He’s going to have a good home, he’s going to have a squishy bed and toys and treats and, you know, the best he could have right now.”

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