E-Zpass Transponder Discount Ends

 By Dana Griffin


JAMESTOWN, RI- Today, was the last day to get the E-Zpass for just $10; nearly half of what it usually costs. Although this promotion has been running for nearly six weeks, there were many willing to wait in the rain for a transponder.

The line was out the door at the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority headquarters in Jamestown. As the rain poured, residents weathered the wait to get their hands on the discounted transponders.

Ray Rugg waited an hour and he wasn't too disappointed; especially since his three new transponders came with lunch.

“One guy just came by and offered pizza to everybody which was not paid for by the state of Rhode Island or the Authority so everyone's happy in there for now,” said Rugg.

“I thought it was appropriate to bring some pizza out and see if anybody wanted a little nourishment while they waited an hour to get their transponder,” said RIBTA Board Director, David Darlington.

Last night, RIBTA received1,300 overnight applications. So it was a busy day for workers as they scrambled to get those orders filled.

With lines out the door, the high demand is undeniable. But, are the long lines due to other reasons? Brian Stinson thinks so.

“The Seekonk River Bridge… They said there wasn't going to be a toll. That messed everything up and that's probably, if people are here for the Seekonk River Bridge, this is why we have a line today. Confusion, that's why things need to be done correctly,” said Stinson.

The sale ended today at 1PM, but RIBTA still took those who were in line after the deadline. RIBTA estimates 14,000 transponders were sold during the six-week sale. E–Zpass transponders will return to the regular price of $20.95.