Firefighters battle flames on Humes Avenue; marks third Warwick fire in two weeks

WARWICK, R.I (WLNE) – Warwick fire crews were on the scene of a Humes Avenue fire on Thursday morning.

“I woke up and I just woke up to the chaos,” neighbor Oluwaseun Akinnusotu said. “It was chaotic out here, I’ve never seen this street like this to be honest.”

According to the fire chief, the call came in around 6:45 a.m., but what started as a small kitchen fire, turned into a dangerous situation quickly.

“We realize we had heavy smoke pushing from up towards the attic,” Bill Wilson, Warwick Battalion Chief said. “We realized the fire was actually in the walls.”

Battalion Chief Wilson says they opened up all of the walls and ripped off parts of the roof and were able to put out the fire in about 15 minutes.

As firefighters fought the flames, neighbors like Akinnusotu watched from their windows hoping everyone inside was okay.

“He’s a close neighbor,” Akinnusotu said. “Just last year, one of our big trees fell down, almost hit the house. Ron said, don’t worry, we got you. He got his son, cut the tree down and the rest is history. He’s always been taking care of this family and I’m just glad the firefighters are taking care of his house.”

According to firefighters, there were two men and two dogs inside the home at the time the fire broke out, but everyone was able to make it out safely.

Battalion Chief Wilson says they were able to go back in and rescue one of the dogs inside in about two minutes. He wants to warn others about the dangers of going back inside to save your pets.

“We had a very unfortunate situation just last week where a woman was lost because she tried to go back in and save one of her dogs.”

That fire was on Chesterfield Avenue. It took the life of a 37-year-old woman.

A week before that, another fire broke out at an apartment complex displacing 35 families.

This fire marks the third in just two weeks.

“This area has been very busy for us lately; we’ve had a number of fires in the area lately,” Warwick Fire Chief Peter McMichael said.

The Warwick Fire Chief and Mayor Frank Picozzi showed up in support. The Mayor says now it’s Warwick’s job to do what Warwick does best

“The Warwick community is the best; everyone supports everyone and they’ll be standing by to help,” Mayor Picozzi said. “They’ll be helping this family. They call, you don’t even have to ask them to.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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