East Greenwich Neighborhood Shocked After Receiving Flyer

Flyers, titled the white race help preserve it, were tossed into driveways in East Greenwich late Monday night.

“Kind of alarming that people do think like this and this is something their actually concerned about,”says one neighbor.

The flyers were in a small plastic bag, weighed down by a rock. According to police, the letters were dropped off throughout four different neighborhoods. They show a white family of four, and gives all kinds of census information. It predicts a gloomy future for America because of an increase in non-white immigrants and births. Neighbors say this type of thing is out of character for the town.

“We’ve had no issues at all with anybody, neighbors or anything, everybody has been great with us all the time and that’s the last thing we expected to see around here,” Says another neighbor.

The flyer also asks white people to stand up, speak out and defend the existence of the white population. It claims white people currently make up “only” 63 percent of the population in the U.S.

Providence NAACP chapter President, James Vincent, says this is the first time he’s ever seen anything like this.

“The country is becoming more inclusive, demographically, and i think that is something to be celebrated not to be feared, or scorned or have anxiety about,” says Vincent.

Vincent thinks this effort is even more troubling considering it comes out within a week after 9 African Americans were gunned down in a South Carolina church.

“The timing is terrible, the message is horrible, and I think they need to think again about what it means to be an American,”says Vincent.