East Providence High set to welcome students into new building Thursday

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- On Thursday the freshman class at East Providence High will get their first look at the state’s newest multi million dollar high school.

With new classrooms, cafeteria, auditoriums and athletic fields, a school that was once ranked one of the lowest quality in the state, is now state of the art.

Breaking the mold of the traditional classroom setting, East Providence has put an emphasis on career based teaching.

Simulating industry grade kitchens, auto shops, dental offices and EMT training.

“We want to set our students up so those who can go in the workforce right away, can go into high demand and high paying jobs,” Principal Toby Gibbons said.

For students and faculty, COVID safety was also a major part of the blueprint.

The administration took an extra step to prevent any outbreaks.

“One thing that we have and many other schools don’t have is our air filtration system. The system is state of the art. The Co2 levels in each classrooms are monitored by the system and it makes the air pump in and flow faster based on the number of students in the classroom,” Gibbons said.

As students and faculty return to what they hope is a full year of learning, Gibbons said they now have the resources to make that happen.

“We have a state of the art facility keeping us safe. From the size of the gymnasium to the walking track we can spread students out and keep them safe and give them the best education possible.”

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