East Providence Renames Police Station in Honor of Fallen Officer

                 It was a senseless tragedy that Rhode Island will never forget. Ten years ago today East Providence police Major Alister McGregor was accidentally killed during a shooting training exercise conducted by his own police department.

                 The East Providence police department building is now the “Major Alister C. McGregor Public Safety Complex.” Named after an officer lost ten years ago today. Among those in the sea of people at today's dedication ceremony, were McGregor's three sons, who've taken on the family business.

                  Those who knew and worked with Major Alister McGregor describe him as a leader and hero.  He was killed during a training exercise by one of his own, when an officer mistakenly fired a loaded gun.

                  Detective Corporal Kevin Feeney spoke at the ceremony. He tried holding back the tears.                

                 “This day ten years ago was one of the most devastating days of my life,” said Feeney.

                  Lieutenant Raymond Blinn was a close friend of McGregors. They trained together for years. Blinn said McGregor was the best leader East Providence Police Department had.

                  “Everybody was ready to follow him as a leader and his loss at that time pretty much devastated everybody at that point, ” said Blinn.

                    Among those who spoke at the dedication ceremony was McGregor's oldest son Ian, who's been in uniform for five years. He says seeing the mark his father made on so many people made him want to follow in his footsteps, he was 19 when his father was killed.

                    McGregor said, “we realized what impact the loss of a police officer and what a police officer means to the community and ever since then we realized being a part of that community was something we wanted to be.”

                    Ian McGregor works as a patrolman for the Newport Police Department, and following in his footsteps, is his younger brother Clifford, who's an officer with Middletown Police.

                   “He became a police officer and then I felt the need as well,” said Clifford McGregor.  

                    And then there's Derek, the youngest of the three, who's also hoping to start a career in law enforcement.

                   The youngest McGregor says, “it's the family business I guess.”

                   Mayor Rogers joined the McGregor family to reveal a plaque honoring Major McGregor. It will serve as a constant reminder of the sacrifice he made.

                  “He would look down today and be very grateful and honored to see his name on this building,” said Blinn.

                   Ian McGregor said, “his sons following in his footsteps, I think he'd be the proudest father around.”

                   The officer who accidentally fired the shot that killed McGregor no longer works in law enforcement, he was given five years probation.