East Providence High School Chilled by Heating Problems

by ABC6 News Reporter Mark Curtis


The boilers were cranking at East Providence High School Wednesday morning, but earlier this week many of the blowers, that carry warm air to heat the school broke down.

Students bundled up in chilly classrooms, and some think school should have been canceled.

“That's firmly a decision left to the school committee and the superintendent. Were I still on the school committee the school would be closed today. You can't have kids sitting there for 80 minutes at a time, in 56 degree weather,” said East Providence City Councilor Chrissy Rossi.

There were a number of maintenance trucks on campus today and we were told the problem was being worked on.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “One East Providence leader tells us the community spent 12 million dollars on facility maintenance upgrades citywide two years ago, meaning that heating problems like this are inexcusable.”

“We need to finish fixing what we started,” said Councilor Rossi.

A 2005 East Providence High graduate was surprised his old school was in session.

“I think it's terrible, yeah. It's really cold today. I mean it's supposed to warm up later on, it's still… I went to that school and it can get cold,” said David Rosenberg, an East Providence High graduate.

Both the city council and school committee plan to address the heating problems at meetings later this month.

The high school is scheduled to be open on Thursday.