Easton police speak on rescue of woman from Borderland State Park after 1 week missing

EASTON, M.A. (WLNE) — A woman who was reported missing out of Stoughton was found alive, stuck in a swampy area at Borderland State Park in Easton and police are calling Monday’s rescue a tremendous effort.

31-year-old Emma Tetewsky was first reported missing by her family June 26, 2023. A week later, hikers heard calls for help and found her stuck in a swampy area at Borderland State Park.

“Her condition appeared like she had been there for three days, disheveled, but that was mostly going off her statements to us,” said Patrolman Cory McLaughlin with Easton Police.

Park rangers led Easton Police to Tetewsky, about 50 feet from a narrow hiking path. Police also heard her screams and worked to make their way to her.

“She just looked very dehydrated, you know, when you’ve been in the water a long time you get ‘pruney,’ so it looked like she had been in the water for a long period of time,” said Patrolman Jason Wheeler with Easton Police.

For law enforcement, the rescue was not an easy task by any means. When police tried to lift her up, they too became stuck and had to use ATV’s to get Tetewsky out.

“All of us at one point we fell in pretty deep, I fell in could hardly get up,” said Wheeler.

Despite the elements Tetewsky may have braved while stuck in the mud for an estimated three days, like dehydrations and the scorching sun, she was found alive and taken to the hospital.

A missing person case that could have ended tragically, ended rather positively.

“It’s extremely incredible, we’re very happy with the outcome of this, and we’re very happy she’s back with her family,” said Wheeler.

Easton Police said many people have been lost in this park before, and that’s the main reason why the department has ATV’s. Officials added they’ve been deployed to Borderland State Park several times for situations like this.

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