E-bikes on the rise in Providence and beyond

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — It’s an electric trend that shows no signs of backpedaling. E-bikes are becoming an attractive alternative for millions of commuters around the world.

In Providence, you can rent an electric Jump Bike just about anywhere in the city, and last summer Tyler Justin of Brooklyn opened Mission Electric on the East Side–Providence’s first-ever e-bike-only shop.

“We have customers who went out and rode a jump bike first, and literally rode it here, and were like I have to have one of these of my own in my garage,” said Justin.

His customers come from all over New England, ranging from 20-somethings to 80-somethings.

I decided to take a little test ride. In “turbo mode,” we can get up to about 30 miles an hour.

“What’s key is you are still moving your body,” said Justin. “You’re still sort of engaging in your surroundings”

As we wind our way through India Point Park, Justin tells me some folks choose e-bikes for convenience, others to help the environment.

“This is frankly a small change to make that has a really big impact,” said Justin.

As we make our way back, the electric assist kicks in once again–helping us get up the hill, and, just maybe, helping us all to create a healthier future.

“It just makes it easier. And basically what that does is it makes it easier for you to choose to ride your bike more often”

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You can also check the shop out on Instagram @missionelectricbike

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