84 Year Old Fall River Voter Listed As Dead, Still Alive

An elderly Fall River woman goes to cast her vote in the Massachusetts Primary but is held up because she's told she's dead.

The Fall River firecracker was slightly surprised and confused  when she reached the front of the line at her polling place on Super Tuesday. She was told she couldn't vote, because she's dead, which is always a shock to hear especially when you're 84.

Maureen McCloskey definitely isn't dead. You wouldn't believe how lively she was, telling us her name was on the voting list of people who recently died. She said she doesn't remember dying. At the time, she even pinched herself to make sure.

84 year old Maureen McCloskey is officially back from the dead. When she went to vote Tuesday, poll workers told her she was deceased, because they couldn't find her name on the list of living voters.

“All of the sudden the warden found this piece of paper,” said Maureen, “I don't know where she got it, and she looked at me. She said oh you died. She said your name is on the deceased list. Oh I said.”

Maureen was understandably confused. Being up there in age, she checks the paper every day to see if any of her friends had died.

“The first thing every morning, I read the obituaries, and I said I didn't even see my obituary in the paper,” said Maureen.

It took a half hour before poll workers figured out Maureen McCloskey was not dead. It turns out, someone at the board of elections clicked the wrong name on a computer screen, killing the 84 year old sweetheart who's lived in Fall River her entire life, and in the Riverview Towers apartments for the past seven years.

“Whoever lived there before her, the person died and the clerk took off Maureen's name by mistake,” said Fall River Board of Elections Chairwoman Elizabeth Camara.

The Fall River firecracker eventually got to cast her vote for Barack Obama and said she's not upset over the mistake. Instead she got a good laugh out of it.

“I said 84 and I said I'm alive and kickin and then I kicked my foot up,” said Maureen.

Maureen said even though she's not angry about what happened. Dead or alive, she won't be voting in the next election. She said she can't handle all the attention she's gotten from the mistake again.