Elderly Providence woman says senior living facility won’t turn on heat

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – An elderly Providence woman with health issues contacts ABC6 for help; saying she’s freezing, and her senior living facility won’t turn on her heat on Monday.

Janie de Medeiros lives in the Saint Elizabeth Place apartments for seniors and people with mobility issues on Westminster Street in Providence, where she says she and her neighbors have been without heat for several days.

“It’s pretty atrocious and very painful,” de Medeiros said.

De Medeiros says the cold is making her severe arthritis even worse.

“I’m in excruciating pain right now. My kneecaps, my legs, my shoulders, the back problems I have,” de Medeiros said.

She says she’s wearing a jacket in her apartment just to stay warm; the temperature on a thermometer in her apartment reads 68 degrees, but de Medeiros says it’s been lower in the last couple days since maintenance workers in her building shut off the heat for the season.

“It got down to 56 in here,” de Medeiros said.

De Medeiros says she’s been calling, emailing, begging the administrator for her building, and maintenance, to turn on the heat, with no avail.

She contacted ABC6 for help; ABC6 contacted the head of her building for answers.

Kenneth Cote, the administrator for the building, told ABC6 he didn’t know de Medeiros didn’t have heat; even after she sent him an email saying as much on Monday morning.

Still, Cote says, he’s contacting maintenance to look into the problem, while de Medeiros is left out in the cold.

“There’s a lot of people in here I know are going through the same thing, but they’re very submissive and don’t say anything, because they’re afraid they’ll lose their home,” de Medeiros said.

ABC6 has been trying to follow up with the head of the building after saying he’d call maintenance to get the heat back on. But, as of late Monday night, de Medeiros was still without heat.

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