Elementary school to close for mold treatment, temporarily relocate students

By: News Staff

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BLACKSTONE, Mass (WLNE) – Augustine F. Maloney Elementary School will be closed temporarily for mold treatment, according to Blackstone School’s Superintendent Dr. Jason DeFalco via a post on the school’s website released Thursday.

According to the post, students at the elementary school will still begin classes as scheduled on August 29, but will be temporarily relocated during the treatment process.

The letter, addressed to parents and guardians of students at Augustine F. Maloney Elementary (AFM), stated the following:

“Dear AFM Family/Guardian:

Mold was detected and confirmed at AFM. AFM will be closed for students and staff during the cleaning which will be preformed by a restoration company beginning tomorrow, 8/24.

However, the school year will launch as scheduled on Wednesday, August 29th for AFM students. AFM students will be relocated in the interim while the cleaning is being conducted to the following locations:

Grade 3- JFK Elementary

Grade 4- Millville Elementary

Grade 5- Millville  Elementary 

Grade 3, 4 and 5 transportation will run as regularly scheduled. All students will be dropped off/picked up at the Complex. Grade 3 students will report to JFK. Grades 4 and 5 will then be shuttled to Millville Elementary and then shuttled back to AFM at the end of the day for their normal dismissal procedures.”

According to DeFalco, the district will be working to get students back to AFM “as soon as possible.”

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