Elorza Campaign Now Dealing with Charges of Plagiarism

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Flanked by his campaign aides Providence Mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza visited ABC6 and other media outlets in Rhode Island Friday.

This came one day after Elorza acknowledged a 19 year old shoplifting arrest.

A campaign aide wrote Elorza’s letter of apology, but plagiarized part of the statement from another politician.

“I had no clue that this paragraph had already been used in another letter. Had I known, there is no way I would have allowed it and there is no way I would have approved that letter going out,” said Jorge Eloza

The previous apology letter was written by the same aide, for Central Falls Mayor James Diossa, after he, too, admitted a shoplifting arrest.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “Fellow Democratic candidate for Mayor – Michael Solomon – issued this printed statement concerning the Elorza apology and said quote, ‘This is really no different than lying directly to the voters of Providence, and that is troubling.'”

Some voters we spoke with near city hall were not pleased.

“I don’t think somebody who shoplifted and plagiarized, and stuff, should be running for office. They shouldn’t be,” said one voter.

“If you are going to shoplift and you’re going to plagiarize, what are you going to do to my state?” said another voter.

Some undecided voters remain open minded on Elorza.

“It depends on what he’s done since that happened, you know what I mean. It could be that he’s become a better person,” said one voter.

Mark Curtis asks, “Are you concerned this is going to hurt your campaign with ten days to go?”

“What I want, is I want people to know the truth. And so I look forward t talking with voters directly, over the next several days,” said Elorza.

The Providence Mayoral primary is September 9th.