Elorza campaign responds to plagiarism accusations

By News Staff


Providence Mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza is responding to a letter he sent out to 7,000 likely voters that has a paragraph that is nearly identical to a letter Central Falls Mayor James Diossa sent in 2012.

His campaign manager, Marisa O’Gara, sent ABC 6 this statement:

“A former advisor helped our campaign write the first draft of this letter, and this same advisor had also worked on James Diossa’s letter. Jorge relayed his personal story, our advisor presented us with this language, and Jorge felt it accurately described his personal struggle. If we had known the language was the same as Mayor Diossa’s, we would have immediately corrected it. What was really important to Jorge was disclosing the truth about the mistakes he made as a young man, mistakes about which he has been forthright and upfront.”

Elorza sent the letter to explain his arrest for shoplifting a shirt from a store in Warwick 19 years ago. 

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