Elorza signs Providence’s FY22 budget

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza signed the city’s $539 million budget Friday morning.

The budget has major emphasis on the City’s children, tax relief, and police resources.

Elorza spoke about how Providence’s children are the heart of the City, and that is important to invest in them.

The mayor says programs like the $5 a week summer camp and youth jobs with increased pay are crucial in uplifting the community and moving Providence in the right direction.

“At the heart of this budget is an effort to create a brighter future for all of our city, and particularly our families, and one that positions Providence as a leading American city.”

Another portion of the budget is dedicated to supporting small businesses. The City of Providence is extending tangible tax relief for about 40 percent of businesses in the city.

The budget also brings Wi-Fi accessibility to every recreational center and park in Providence.

Another key focus of the budget is giving the Providence Police Department more resources, including a new behavioral health and social services program, with the goal of improving relations between police and the community.

“It also creates a community relations and diversion services major within the police department, elevating the role of community relations within our police department,” Elorza said.

The budget goes into effect immediately.

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