Emergency Management Agency: how to stay safe in severe weather

This is a file image of Providence City Hall. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — With dangerously cold temperatures and high winds lasting through the weekend, the Providence Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and Mayor Jorge Elorza are urging residents to be extremely careful.

According to PEMA, Frostbite can occur within 10 minutes of exposure in severely cold temperatures.

People who are exposed to extremely low temperatures are also at risk of hypothermia.

Temperatures are expected to drop Friday evening. The wind chill will remain below freezing through the weekend.

There are two warming stations in Providence for those in need of shelter: Crossroads RI, and Providence Rescue Mission.

If you know someone in need of overnight shelter from the cold, call the United Way at 211. They will direct you to a nearby warming station.

Additionally, PEMA has provided the following cold weather tips:

  • Be aware of fire danger from space heaters and candles, keep such devices away from all flammable materials
  • Install recommended smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Stay indoors and use safe heating sources
  • Indoors, do not use charcoal or other fuel-burning devices, such as grills, that produce carbon monoxide
  • Outdoors, stay dry and in wind protected areas
  • Wear a hat or hood to prevent heat from escaping the body and several layers of loose fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing, covering all exposed skin during exposure
  • Bring household pets inside
  • Wear mittens, a hat and cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs
  • Watch for signs of frostbite – skin appears white and waxy, numbness or no feeling in that area and/or possible blisters
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia – shivering and numbness, confusion or dizziness, stumbling and weakness, slow or slurred speech and shock

Click here for more information on warming stations and tips for staying safe in the cold.

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