End in sight to chilly May pattern

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) — Only a few more days stand between us and a beautiful May weekend.

Temperatures were once again stuck in the 50s across southern New England – and of course we are talking about the surface temperatures.

Skylar Atm Temp Profile Explainer 1

But higher up in the atmosphere, the air was frigid – so much so that we had reports of graupel across the area. Graupel is a type of precipitation where supercooled raindrops latch onto a snowflake. It is sometimes referred to as ‘soft hail’ and the little pellet looks very similar to Dippin’ Dots ice cream.


The chilly rain showers from earlier have since moved off to the north and the sun came out. Clouds will return tonight and for most of the next two days.

Futurecast With Fronts

There could be a few showers the first half of Thursday as our upper level low transfers its energy into a coastal low. While the heavier rain near the center of the low won’t affect us, it could spin some showers back in. It will also produce a northeasterly flow that will keep our temperatures in the 40s for most of the day tomorrow!

Temperature Comparison

But as the title says, the end of this chilly spring weather is in sight. After a cloudy and cool day on Friday, we jump well into the 60s on Saturday (with sunshine) and could touch 70 on Sunday.

Temperature Stat

The dry and warm weather will extend into early next week as well.

Have a great evening!

Meteorologist Geoff Bansen

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