End of school year events like prom and graduation up in the air for many

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) – With just weeks to spare, high school senior parents are begging for answers as to whether or not prom or graduation will happen this year.

“I don’t care if the school does it or not. We are going to have a prom,” Cranston mom Robin Garceau said. “If I have to get a bunch of parents together and hold it in the field or go to the beach, these kids will have a prom. One way or another.”

Garceau’s daughter, Danielle, is a senior at Cranston High School West. She says they’ve gotten no word from the school on if prom will happen, but when her daughter wanted to try on gowns, she couldn’t help herself.

“She found one, she loved it, and she’s like, can I get it?” Garceau said. “And you know what? We put a deposit on it.”

She says she’s happy the Mayor of Cranston is taking a stance, but think seniors deserve the events vaccinated or not.

On Tuesday, Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins called on the state to prioritize vaccines for high school seniors so they can enjoy end of the year events like prom and graduation.

According to Mayor Hopkins, vaccines will not be required to attend events like prom or graduation if they do happen.

Stefania Spas is the owner of Stefania’s Boutique in Cranston, a prom dress shop. She says for the first time in months, customers are coming in again.

“Some schools are and some just don’t know,” Spas said. “We do have girls coming in again, buying prom dresses, excited again. It’s like finally, a breath of fresh air, and then there’s always the ‘what if’.”

Spas is part of a group of community members across the state working with school officials to plan safe proms. While some, like Westerly, have given the ‘OK’ to host the prom, many are still up in the air.

“I feel like the parents, the kids, everyone has gone through so much they need this little one last hurrah,” Spas said. “It is a milestone; it’s their right of passage.”

ABC 6 News reached out to the Department of Health asking about any guidelines for districts. We have not yet heard back.

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