Enrollment Boom at North Attleboro Catholic School

 By: Liz Tufts

Inside St. Mary–Sacred Heart School in North Attleboro, close to 300 kindergarten through 8th graders are hard at work. The only problem: there’s not enough room to fit them all. “It’s a very good problem because it’s not typical of catholic schools, “ says the school’s principal, Denise Peixoto.

In fact, many parishes and catholic schools in the Diocese of Fall River have shut their doors, but over the past few years enrollment here has steadily been on the rise. “We had 60 applications and 55 of those were parishioners so how do you decide which ones can come and which ones can’t,” says Peixoto.

So instead of turning them away, school officials have gotten creative. Some students have class in the library, others in the rectory across the street, and a few years ago they built this modular classroom, but that still wasn’t enough.

So this past spring, they rounded up enough money to build another new modular classroom,  complete with four rooms, lockers, and bathrooms.

It cost the school nearly 200-thousand dollars to build. Local businesses donated some of the supplies and others donated money.