Environmental group to take up suit against landfill

Dee DeQuattro


The situation at Johnston's Central Landfill just got messier. An environmental group has stepped in and says it is going to sue the operator of the landfill, Rhode Island Resource Recovery, for operating without a federally required permit for 16-years and violating several other provisions of the Clean Air Act.

The Conservation Law Foundation says these violations have sent a terrible odor into Johnston and neighboring communities.

The group says it will sue Rhode Island Resource Recovery along with Broad Rock Renewables for the violation. A notice of the suit was sent on Thursday. The group says the landfill and the Broad Rock plant have been releasing gas into the air that could potentially threaten public health.

Earlier this week an explosion took place at the Broad Rock plant nearby the landfill. Prior to the explosion Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena halted operation at the Broad Rock plant. The plant converts landfill gases into renewable energy.