Essential workers seek RVs to quarantine separately from loved ones

WAKEFIELD, R.I. (WLNE) – Wakefield resident Bob Knowles is one of the many essential workers who can’t work from home. He works at a power plant and has to leave the house to do his job.

But every time he returns home from work, he worries he might be carrying the coronavirus back to his family. He lives with his wife, two adult children, and two-year-old granddaughter.

“Who knows whether it’s on my clothes? My shoes? My hat? I don’t know.” said Knowles.

He especially wants to protect his 19-year-old son who has autism and cerebral palsy.

“That worry is always in the back of your mind,” said Knowles’ wife, Wendi.

She looked to social media for a solution and posted on Facebook asking if anyone had an RV her husband could temporarily live in. She found one from her neighbor’s mother.

Knowles parked the borrowed RV right outside his home, so he could still be nearby his family, but a safe distance away.

“I know my family’s safe and if something’s wrong with me I’m not going to effect them,” he said.

The RV’s kitchen window lines up with a window on the side of the house, so he can still see his family.

“We can still have dinner together. We turn FaceTime on and talk back and forth. We can see him through the window,” said Knowles’ wife. “I feel much safer.”

Many other frontline workers have the same concerns as Knowles. To try and ease the burden, there’s now a Facebook group called RVs for MDs that matches healthcare workers with RVs that are not being used so they can have a safe place to isolate. The group is nationwide.

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