Ex-Central Falls Mayor could be released from prison early

By:Dee DeQuattro

Twitter: @Deedequattro

Email: ddequattro@abc6.com

Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau has reached a new deal with federal prosecutors that could get him out of jail early.

Moreau has agreed to plead guilty to a new charge of accepting a bribe in exchange for a sentence of time served.

Previously Moreau had pleaded guilty to a charge of accepting a gratuity but in a recent decision from the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in an unrelated matter the court held that “accepting a gratuity” is not a crime.

As a result, last month Moreau's attorney asked the federal court judge to vacate the conviction.

A hearing on the new plea deal will deal will be heard Friday.

If the judge approves the matter, Moreau may be released from prison after serving just over a year on his initial two year sentence.

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