EXCLUSIVE: Providence College students face intruder twice in the span of three days

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Four Providence College students facing a nightmare scenario, beginning Sunday morning.

According to the students, a man broke into the their Eaton Street home Sunday, only to return again Tuesday morning.

Providence police told ABC 6 News that this is one of two reported break-ins in the Eaton Street area in the last two days.

Sunday morning, one student who lives in the off-campus house on Eaton Street noticed a pair of slippers on her bathroom floor. She did not recognize the slippers to be hers or any of her roommates.

She returned to her room, locked her door, and went back to bed at abut 9 a.m.

“Around noon, I felt my door handle get twisted a little bit,” said Maeve Abraldes, the student who noticed the slippers. “Within a minute of that, the house alarm was going off… the slippers that were in the bathroom that morning were not there anymore after I checked once the alarm went off.”

The students received surveillance footage from a neighbor later that day. The footage showed a man wearing a black sweatshirt with a red stripe, approaching their basement window.

“We then went back to the basement, checked it out, and what he was wearing was in our basement, along with a box of food that you could see him carrying in the video as well,” said another student in the house, Vivianna Mazzarella. She continued, “We went down there, saw that was there, and called police and let them take it from there.”

The girls spent Sunday night in a local hotel.

Only petty cash was taken, according to the students.

After securing the basement window and installing surveillance of their own, neighbors told them they noticed two men approaching their own window again Tuesday morning. One of the two men was the same individual from Sunday’s break-in.

Another roommate, Kimberly Vetrano, explained, “In the video, you can clearly hear one guy say to the other, ‘Oh dude, it’s locked,’ before they even get to the door, as if they knew exactly where they were going.” She concluded, “It was as if they had been there multiple times before.”

Police explained although two break-ins were reported over the last two days, many more could have gone unreported.

Neighbors and Providence College students remain uneasy.

“Everyone is stepping their game up a bit,” said Abraldes. “I think it’s going to be harder for break-ins and stuff like this happening.”

The students from the off-campus house on Eaton Street told ABC 6 that they are still working with the Providence police. They also said they did not feel comfortable sharing any of the surveillance footage captured.

No arrests have been made, according to the students working in conjunction to the police.

Providence police said they will be increasing their presence in the neighborhoods surrounding Eaton Street as a result of the break-ins.

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