Expectant moms worry about restrictions during labor, what they need to know

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): While hospitals are enforcing more restrictions including no visitors, expectant moms are now wondering what this means for them.

Cori Cameron, a Warwick mom of two boys, is expecting a third son on May 15th. This time though will be different from her previous deliveries.

“A lot of different states aren’t letting anyone in so I was a nervous wreck about that,” Cameron said.

A spokesperson for Care New England said mothers currently are allowed one birthing partner at hospitals.

“The exception to this is if that birthing partner is under quarantine order,” Matt Quin, President, and COO of Women & Infants Hospital said. “Partners will also be screened for symptoms, including temperature taken, before entering the hospital.”

The visitor also must stay throughout the duration of the birth so they can’t leave the hospital and then come back later.

If the mother is working with a doula, they may also have the doula present as long as the doula has pre-registered and gone through the screening process, according to Quin.

Newport Hospital, Lifespan’s only hospital with a maternity ward, is also allowing one birthing partner during the hospital stay. Both moms and partners are also screened.

Cameron said this is a huge relief for her.

“Comfort, I mean your partner is there to help you feel better about the whole situation, to calm you down,” Cameron said. “Without that, I don’t know how I’d react. I’d be devastated.”

Cameron said another concern she sees mother’s express on mommy groups on Facebook is whether they will be asked to wear masks during labor.

“I can’t imagine having to be in labor with my face covered at the same time because you can’t breathe as it is,” Cameron said.

The spokesperson for Care New England said only mothers with COVID-19 or in quarantine will have to wear a mask.

The spokesperson for Lifespan also said at Newport Hospital, mothers and partners will not be required to wear masks either if they pass the screening.

Although these are the current policies, the spokesperson with Care New England said policies are being amended quickly, due to the pandemic.

Cameron said she and her husband have spoken about facetiming if the delivery room policy is changed.

It wouldn’t be the first time the couple was forced to get creative. Recently they had to cancel their planned baby shower, and instead have a “drive-up, drop-off.”



“It was heartbreaking to have everything in my home and set up a tent outside in order for people to support us, but people need it, especially at this time,” Cameron said. “It’s hard enough to find diapers and wipes.”

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