Extreme Wind and Cold Tonight

As the storm system moves out, the gusty winds will remain. Winds tonight will be high at times, which means we aren’t out of the woods for power outages quite yet. The HIGH WIND WARNING  has been expanded to 9pm tonight. We will see southwesterly winds gust to 55 mph which will cause tree damage, downed power lines, power outages and difficult driving conditions.

Thumbnail Sat Am Chills

The big story is a rapid drop in temperatures expected this evening. Temperatures will be falling rapidly and we should be below freezing around 7pm. Anything left liquid after then will freeze fast and icy roads will be prevalent. We have one thing going for us, if this swift southwesterly wind can get some drying done, we can limit the ice to spots, rather than a widespread situation. Still, extreme caution is advised if you have to drive this evening.

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Temperatures will ultimately bottom out in the teens Saturday morning and with the winds still lingering, it will feel as cold as -1 in Providence.

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The day won’t fare much better.

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Even though it will be sunny, the wind and the cold will take center stage and chills will be in the single digits at best.

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Christmas Day will continue the cold trend, but the winds will relax.

Tonight: Partly Cloudy. Low 13. Winds SW 15-25 G45 mph. Wind Chill -1.

Saturday: Sunny. High 21. Winds SW 25 mph. Wind Chill 5..

Christmas Eve: Mainly clear. Low 14. Winds SW 25 mph.

Christmas Day/ Sunday: Sunny. High 28.

Monday: Sunny. High 33 Low 14.

Tuesday: Partly Sunny. High 34 Low 17.

Wednesday: Mostly Sunny. High 39 low 21.

Thursday: Mostly Sunny. High 45 Low 23.

Friday: Mostly Sunny. High 50 Low 33.

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