Eyewitness reacts to wrongfully accused suspect in Providence car theft

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — After charges were dropped against the man wrongfully accused of stealing a car with a 3-year-old inside, one of the men who identified him last week spoke out.

“I was amazed, it was hard to swallow,” said Ricky Saunders of Pawtucket.

ABC 6 News broke the news to Saunders Monday that the man he identified was falsely charged.

Providence police said this came from footage from Providence Place mall.

On Nov. 30, Saunders pursued the suspect, who was identified as Osvaldo Vazquez, from Fernandez Liquors on Broad Street in Providence.

“The outfit, the type, the height, the size,” said Saunders, explaining how he identified the man he believed to have pursued. “I’m not trying to send nobody to jail.”

Police told ABC 6 that Vazquez, 50, adamantly denied the charges over the last week.

While Saunders asks for Vasquez’s forgiveness, he also justified his actions.

“I think [Vazquez] would react the same way I reacted in the situation I was in, and hopefully justice continues to get done,” he explained,

Providence police said they are remorseful for the mistake but acted as soon as they could.

A suspect remains at large.

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