FabCity Cigar Lounge appeals Board of License Commissioner’s decision to revoke license

The City of Pawtucket voted 7-1 to shut down the venue.


The City of Pawtucket voted 7-1 Wednesday evening to revoke the license of Fab City Cigar Lounge following a deadly shooting that claimed the life of 36-year-old Qudus Kafo on January 24th.

A second individual, 37-year-old Bruno Vaz, was also hospitalized in the incident and is still recovering.

According to testimony heard during the meeting, the shooting occurred outside the building following an altercation that started inside Fab City Cigar Lounge. “There was ample opportunity to separate them..to eject somebody..to call the police department for a little bit of help before it rumbled into the street,” said a representative for the City of Pawtucket.

The lounge doors have been closed since the Board of Licensing held an emergency hearing the following day. Just two days after the shooting, police arrested 29-year-old Trequan Baker of Providence with the help of the City’s recently installed Flock camera systems. Baker now faces several charges including murder in the first degree.

Residents spoke out in support of the decision. “I wish I weren’t here tonight, but I am here tonight to demand that Pawtucket City Council permanently shutter Fab City Cigar Lounge,” said Pawtucket resident Jonathan Flynn at the meeting.

FabCity Cigar Lounge has now appealed the Board of License Commissioner’s decision to revoke the license.

Mayor Donald R. Grebien is giving his support to the City Council and their actions taken against the lounge.

“As the City Council has closed the business and the business has appealed, I as Mayor want to make it clear that I support the Council’s decision,” stated Mayor Donald R. Grebien.

“Due to the numerous incidents of violence, violations, and most recently a fatal shooting, this business presents an extreme threat to the safety of the public of Pawtucket. The Council, serving in its capacity as the Board of License Commissioners, closed the business, and DBR should uphold their decision and deny the appeal,” Grebien continued.

Authorities continue to investigate the case and what led up to the events of the fatal shooting.

“Our residents deserve to be safe,” said Grebien. “Now I hope they are allowed to continue to feel that safety with the business closed.”

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