UPDATE: Driver who streamed Facebook video before crash upgraded to fair condition

By: Kainani Stevens


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – 20-year-old Onasi Olio-Rojas, the man who drove in and out of traffic on Route 6 in Providence on Wednesday; topping speeds of 114 miles an hour, streaming the whole ride live on Facebook, has been upgraded to ‘fair’ condition, according to officials at Rhode Island Hospital. 

Rojas was seen in the video cutting across all lanes before the Dean Street exit when the video suddenly cuts out.

"At that point the passenger side of the Honda strikes the back of a garbage truck and that causes the Honda to spin back across all lanes of traffic and crashes into the center median," said Captain John Allen of Rhode Island State Police.

Rojas suffered critical injuries; the Jaws of Life were brought in to free him from his mangled Honda Civic.

"Your first reaction when you see that video is its miraculous no one else was hurt. Going well over 100 miles an hours, lane changes, in and out of traffic, weaving back across all lanes. It’s pretty much a grand-slam of what not to do,” said Captain Allen.  "Rhode Island State Police are familiar with Rojas, he has multiple speeding and traffic violations on his record, and his license was suspended at the time of the crash."

Rojas faces several misdemeanor charges for the crash, and State Police hope the Facebook video will lead to a slam dunk in court.

"We’ve been in touch with Facebook to preserve the video and include that in our case. How do you beat the video? I don’t think you can," said Captain Allen.

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