Employers Ask Job Seekers For Facebook Passwords

     ABC6 Reporter James Swierzbin spoke to a staffing and recruiting CEO with more than 25 years of experience and she says that this new practice rubs her the wrong way for a lot of reasons.
     Faye Silverman has heard employers ask for all kinds of things from the people she sends them for interviews, but in her opinion, asking anyone for a Facebook password as part of the interview process is going too far.
     From New York to Illinois asking potential employees for their private Facebook password is something that's happening all across the country. It's a step that many employers feel as though they need to take.
     “They think they'll protect themselves by taking a look at someone's private business” saidSilverman.
     Although many people feel that this is an invasion of privacy at a time when the economy is still on the rebound, some potential employees may feel pressured to hand over their password if it means they have a better chance at landing a job.