Facebook’s Use as a Hiring Tool is Being Questioned

Who do you give full access, to your Facebook account?

Your significant other? Your parents? How about your employer?

Some employers, like local law enforcement agencies in Illinois and Virginia are asking for just that, as they request that potential hires give up their private, Facebook passwords.

Many people believe that this sort of request is taking things too far.

Just ask Faye Silverman, who's been helping people find work for the past 25-years.

“We do background checks we do drug screenings, we do reference checks, we interview people, but to think that it's ok to ask them for their own private password, that's unconstitutional.” said Silverman.

Now even though the employers are just asking, not requiring, new applicants to give them full access to their Facebook pages, local attorney Ken Schreiber believes that it's a dangerous question, that could one-day soon, lead to a major court-case.

“I would be very surprised if somewhere down the road, if this isn't taken somewhere, that a suit isn't filed when somebody doesn't get a job, and saying that this was a reason why I didn't get my job.” said Schreiber.

With nearly 900-million users, it's no surprise that Facebook is being used as a hiring tool.

Giving employers a chance to get an inside look, at who a person really is, beyond the typical set of references that people list on most resumes.