Fairhaven and Dartmouth Police investigate alleged medical scams

By Kirsten Glavin



It’s a new scam targeting residents in Fairhaven and Dartmouth.  The scammer or scammers are said to show up on  doorsteps, and ask the homeowner for permission to enter the home to check their medical supplies.

"Absolutely do not let this person into your house,” warned Kevin W. Kobza, a Sergeant at the Fairhaven Police Department.

According to Fairhaven Police, residents are opening doors to a woman in her 30’s, dressed in scrubs. One description pins the woman as having red hair and a chin piercing.  Another person described her with auburn hair, suggesting multiple women may be involved in the alleged scams.

"We’ve actually had two reported, and from what I understand, we’ve had a few more calls come in this morning,” said Sgt. Kobza. 

The alleged scammer posed as a worker for Community Nurse Home Care, and asked residents questions, such as ‘Are you living alone?’  The alleged scammer then asked to see the home owner’s medication.

"Anybody can be prescribed medication at any age, and I think what they’re goal is, is to find out who these people are, what they have, and how they can maybe get their hands on it,” said Sgt. Kobza. 

Resident Betty Sylvia has lived in the Fairhaven community for 43 years.  She says the idea of face-to-face interaction with a scammer in her neighborhood is frightening.

"If she presents an id that says she’s from hospice or something, or community nurses, some people are going to just feel comfortable and let them in. It’s a scary thing,” Sylvia said. 

Other neighbors agree. 

"It’s best to watch out and keep your eyes open,” said resident Mike Cournoyer.

According to police, multiple people at Fairhaven Village were scammed, as well as a few other residents down the street.  Police in Dartmouth also verified similar complaints, and are warning residents to be cautious when opening doors.