Fall foliage is expected to be very impressive this year

By: Chelsea Priest


The days are getting shorter, pumpkins are for sale, and the leaves are just starting to pop.

With the cooler nights we've seen so far this season, conditions are just right for an impressive foliage display. Matthew Largess is a certified arborist says, “This is the best year I've seen as an arborist in 30 years because we had rainfall in the summer, a hot summer, now we have the really warm days and cool nights, so this color, I think it's going to be one of the greatest fall colors.”

Southern New England is still in the turning stage. Some types of trees like the Rhode Island Red Maple are already a vibrant red color. Further north is seeing it's peak foliage already. Largess goes on, “People come from all over the world and come here and spend millions of dollars in tourism so these trees are worth a lot economically.”

Rhode Island generally sees it's peak of color by mid to late October. Largess recommends a few good spots to see the display. “I really like the western part of the state, RT 102, RT 165 out near Arcadia. Rhode Island is a heavily forested state. Even the islands, Jamestown, Newport, prudence have great color later on.”

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