Fall River band raises money following massive equipment theft

By: Ellie Romano

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FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) – The community is helping a Fall River band get back on its feet after $25,000 in musical equipment was stolen from them last month.

Some of the items stolen from the St. Cecilia Philharmonic Band include cymbals, music stands, a tuba, speakers, a drum set, and thousands of sheets of music.

“It’s just like a fight between two heavyweights,” explained the band’s conductor Peter Camara. “The thieves got a good punch in but we came back swinging with the help of the community.”

On Saturday, the band held a lunch fundraiser to try and raise money for new equipment. The community was quick to come to the band’s aid.  


“Tickets started to sell fast,” said Camara.

In less than an hour of the fundraiser’s doors opening, the band sold 300 meal tickets. 
“It’s incredibly humbling to see all the people who support our organization,” said Lenny Batista, the band’s drummer.

The band has been getting by for the past month by borrowing instruments from other organizations. 

“We’ve had people from all over the country and world send us messages and donations,” said Maria Lauer who plays trombone in the band.
A trumpet and drumset have also been donated to the band.
“We almost feel that we’re stronger now than before,” said Camara.
The band hopes to raise $8,000 at Saturday’s fundraiser.  



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