Fall River fire injures firefighter; Two families and 2-month-old infant safe

By: News Staff


FALL RIVER, Mass. – A fire broke out at a triple-decker on Diman Street in Fall River just after 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Two families were inside, including a 2-month-old baby.

Both families rushed out of the home after a resident spotted the flames.

Residents say the second story fire alarms went off, although that floor is vacant.

On the third floor, residents told ABC6 that they heard the blaring detectors coming from below.

A family of three lived on the first floor, and a family of five lived on the third. Also on the third floor was a 2-month-old baby a resident was babysitting.

Everyone made it out safely.

One firefighter was injured while fighting the flames.

"We had one firefighter who rolled his ankle. He was transported to the hospital for observation,” Sean Flannery, acting District Chief of the Fall River Fire Department said.

Officials are not yet sure where the fire started but said the second and third floors are unlivable.

It took firefighters twenty-five minutes to put out the flames due to semi-strong winds.

"There was fire in the loft and in the walls. So we had to do a lot of damage to the walls to open it up and get water on the fire."

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