Fall River Fire Victims Say Neighbor is Person of Interest

The families who lost everything in a four-alarm fire that is being called arson say a man who lives in their neighborhood could be the person responsible.

Police will only say they have taken a person of interest into custody and that the person is being held on charges unrelated to the arson. However, Kerri Thro, the owner of the home that was destroyed, says it is someone she knows.

“It is a neighbor and we have had some past conflicts,” Thro said. “To say it was him is just speculation right now, but they'll figure it out and I'm sure justice will be served.”

Thro says the only conflict she had with the person in custody was over a parking spot, and she does not think that would be enough to make anyone want to destroy someone's home.

Thro joined other victims at the Comfort Inn Suites in Fall River Monday morning where city leaders banded together to offer services and support.

They are trying to move forward, but Yessica Torres, another tenant, says it is tough knowing it was no accident. Torres is not sure if the neighbor in custody is the person who set the fire, but she does think someone was watching her closely that night.

“Obviously they knew our routine,” Torres said. “They knew that at that moment nobody would be in the house because we were picking up our kids from school.”