Fall River Government Center cameras, real or fake?

By Mike LaCrosse
Surveillance cameras inside Fall River’s Government Center are raising questions because some of them may not be real.
“My question right now is if they are fake cameras what’s the purpose of them?” asked Fall River City Councilor Daniel Rego.
He brought up the issue during this weeks City Council meeting.  He is in favor of cameras, but is concerned about the cost especially if they’re not real.
“We the council are the financial officers of this community that we want to make sure that money is being spent accordingly,” said Rego.
Government Center is undergoing renovations and the mayor’s office confirms $150 was recently spent on camera domes in the common area, but won’t say much about the surveillance system for security reasons.
Reporter question: “Are there fake ones?
“There may be, there may be.  I couldn’t tell you without looking at some schematics as to which ones are active and which ones are not,” said Dept. of Community Maintenance Dir. Ken Pacheco.
He says there are about 45 cameras and some date back about 15 years.
“Peoples should assume they are all working, you know I wouldn’t be the person who would want to figure out which ones are live and which ones are not,” said Pacheco.
Cameras can be found above stairwells, in elevators and in ceilings of offices at Government Center.
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