Fall River man arrested for illegal drug and firearm possession

Kevin Nunes Fall River

FALL RIVER, M.A. (WLNE) – Kevin Nunes, 20, of Fall River, MA was arrested after an investigation and search was conducted by the Fall River Police Department and Southeastern Massachusetts FBI Gang Task Force.

The search was conducted this morning at 7:10 a.m. at Nunes’s Kennedy Street residence.

Officers located a shoebox at the site containing $9,330, multicolored elastics and a black digital scale. The box also contained a large amount of marijuana and other evidence including five vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana (one pound each), a clear knotted plastic bag containing 8.2 ounces of marijuana and 3o commercial packages of marijuana (3.5 pounds each), totaling 5.7 pounds of marijuana.

In a separate room at the same site, officers located another shoebox containing $30,452.

During a search of the site’s garage, officers located a stun-gun inside of a baby carriage, a plastic bag containing 45 caliber ammunition, a white knit ski mask and a purple shoebox.

The purple shoebox contained a black .22 revolver, additional ammunition and a white ski mask.

All of the evidence was seized and turned into the evidence custodian.

The money totaled to $39,782, and was seized as the proceeds of illegal drug sales, logged in as evidence and held for subsequent forfeiture proceedings.

Nunes was charged with possession to distribute marijuana, unlawful possession of a stun-gun, possession of a non-large capacity firearm in home and possession of ammunition without a Firearms Identification Card.

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