Fall River man killed in crane accident

By Dana Griffin



FALL RIVER, MA- 34-year-old Joseph Boyd's family call him a hard worker and a strong man.

The reason Boyd often worked 6 to 7 days a week as a utility worker was to support his two sons, ages 2 and 4.

No one really knows at this point what went wrong to cause a boom truck to collapse Saturday, instantly killing Joseph Boyd and John Loughran. Loughran's father identified his son at the scene.

“He was at the top of that tower and he loved line work, he loved being a utility worker and he was doing exactly what he wanted to be doing. He couldn't have been happier.”

It seems the two 34-year-olds had a few things in common: same age, and a love for the job.

John Loughran's brother, a state trooper, was on duty when he learned about the accident.

There were other workers at the site during the time of the accident.

OSHA is still investigating.

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