Fall River man snaps picture of goose with arrow stuck in its body

It’s a disturbing sight for residents on the state border in Tiverton and Fall River as a goose is wandering around with an arrow stuck in its body.

Police got a call about two weeks back but the growing backlash has been sparked after a Fall River wildlife photographer snapped a picture of the Canada goose.

“The arrow through the goose, never seen anything like it,” said Mark Maxwell, the man who took the picture at Cook Pond in Tiverton. “I had to look like three times. I couldn’t believe it.”

Besides the fact that the arrow is lodged in its body, Maxwell believes how the goose is acting is the most amazing part.

“It was just walking around doing its thing like the arrow wasn’t even there,” he said.

Maxwell contacted police and he was told that another person reported it ten days earlier. The problem is that animal control officers are having a hard time catching the bird.

Anyone with information about who may be behind it is asked to call police.